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We are Amy and Adam Karpinski - each with over 20 years of design experience, most recently for Revlon/Anthem and The Wall Street Journal, respectively. We're finally bringing our talent and expertise together as AKsquared. Last year, we moved our family to Bucks County, PA in search of a simpler life filled with more time for the things we love, including starting our own design business. Click below to learn more about us.


Our work

We specialize in corporate identity, branding, web sites & collateral, print, packaging, signage and displays.


Our philosophy

Design Matters

When something is designed well, it evokes a feeling, a mood, or a call to action. It can make order from chaos, pop off the shelf, make you laugh or revive a memory. We believe all aspects of design, from the original concept to the very last detail, matter for it to be successful. We also have extensive knowledge in production and printing, and believe that designs that start with an eye on the final execution are more successful and make the process less stressful. 


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